New Leader Call

Make sure to submit the below form at least 3 hours prior to the call.  For instance if the New Leader Call is at 7:00 cst you would need to send the form in prior to 4pm cst.  Make sure to edify and promote the leader who is leading that call.  ”This is your chance to be recognized by one of the global leaders of OurGV.  Make sure to be at least  5 minutes early and in a place with no background noise that you can respond if called on.”

Potential Leader Form CLICK HERE

The call in information for you and your new leader is:

Toll Number
(701) 801-1220
Meeting ID:

At least 1/2 hour before the set call time confirm with your new leader that they have the right information and will be on the call. For instance if the call was at 7 pm cst. you would need to send the confirmation email prior to 6:30 pm cst.  Forward whether they will be on the call or not to