Step #2

Step #2 and how to learn the business and use the products and services.  The major call for the week to make sure to never miss if possible is our featured partner.  Click Here for the call schedule and link to the webinar room.

Make sure to be a product of the product.  Use every service and product possible that OurGV has so you can be more excited when sharing with others.

Click Here for more information on the mall (Once a total of at least $100 has been earned in a given month each member can choose to donate up to 25% to a non-profit of their choice and OurGV will match that donation!)

Click Here for more information on the Daily Activities

Click Here for more information about OurGV Health

Click Here for Next Level Leadership (signup for the blog and one of the memberships)

Click Here for a great video on how to start promoting NLL out through social media

Click Here to go straight to the OurGV Scholarship page.

For step by step training from CEO Chad Schapiro, please watch this video: