Step #4

We are excited to get you the 4th email in this Getting Started campaign. Make sure to go back as needed and review the past emails. Take some time and have patience with yourself as you learn this new business. To be truly successful in anything we have to get rid of the “get rich quick” mentality and grow our way to success. Every millionaire in the industry started off investing time and money first. They struggled in the beginning as they became good at what they were doing. You are on your way too!

In recap:
1. Pick a website package/fill out scholarship
2. Learn the business/use the products and services
3. Promote the business/Make a list
4. Get on the Producers Club
5. Help your people get on the Producers Club

This step will focus on the Producer’s Club. One of the goals of any business or new career is to make it as simple as possible. When we are new there is a strong chance we could overwhelm and confuse ourselves in the details. Months from now we wouldn’t feel this way as we learn the new information and it takes hold in our minds. If someone were to take the entire job or business you last had and put it into a few emails or videos I’m sure we would all be confused but you most likely grew to a point of comfort in that area over time. To help with this process we need to keep the business focused on a few key simple things that can be done and duplicated to others that you work with worldwide. That is the main purpose of the Producer’s Club.  If we duplicate this effectively we will see from the fast start bonus chart that our income can rise to over $12,000/month if we were a qualified Director and hit 64 qualified premiers.  This is hard to do by ourselves but the 16 leaders we could be working with in a couple of months each qualifying for the Producer’s Club with their 4 qualified premiers would equal that 64 for you.  It all started with us getting on the Producer’s Club and then helping our team duplicate that same thing.

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