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1.  Create a list of potential contacts.  Please make sure they are personal contacts, not strangers.  We’ve been marketing this technology for years and have found that “cold calling” does not work well, especially for new affiliates.  Think of potential connections, and if you don’t have them ask anyone and everyone for referrals. 

2.  Call and email.  We do not recommend that you only send an email. Emailing appears to be too impersonal and most people may not fully read your email.

Sample Email/Call Script:  











123 Main Street

City, State

Zip Code


Attention: Mr. Rick Smith, CEO

Dear Mr. Smith:

It was great connecting with you today.  As a business owner we know that you are faced with needing to find ways to cut costs and increase your revenues. is excited to introduce you to some of the most amazing technology the world has ever seen that provides instant revenue opportunities and powerful expense savings for business owners.

Our company helps business organizations of all sizes such as the NBA (i.e. Chicago Bulls), Radio Stations, Restaurants, Sales Organizations, to small organizations like individuals marketing real estate, insurance, service-based companies, various home businesses and more. We utilize online technologies powered by Yahoo!, Google, Crowdfunding, Leadership Training and other major companies internationally to help business owners connect, communicate, cut costs and generate revenue.

Check out this link to see powerful online technologies and ways for your business to take advantage of the Internet economy. Now using every time you have to spend money on your business, you can both save money and make money! This translates into an online system that is very powerful for your business. Perhaps the most exciting part of our program is that your business can tap into technologies and the power of the Internet to create an additional residual revenue opportunity for your business from what you are already doing – and all the basic packages are FREE!

As discussed, I will follow up with you on date & time. At that time if desired, we can set up a call with one of our corporate business experts who can assist you with the best programs and solutions to benefit your business organization. We look forward to our next conversation and the opportunity to do some great business together.



John Jones, Coordinator (Your Name & Title)

Independent Member of OurGV Inc.

Email Address

Contact Phone Numbers


***Include your sub-domain if you wish (, some organizations may not like to see you profiting from them and you may be better without it.  Most will not sign up on their own and will need your follow up and the help of your expert.  If someone does sign up on the corporate site it can easily be changed. 

3.  Utilize a certified Coordinator or Above.  Our company has already been creating thousands of dollars a month for non-profits all over the world.  These are not new solutions but can be made to appear new from someone still inexperienced.  Make sure to lean on the certified Coordinator that is working with you to help answer all questions for the organization.  One of the keys to your success will be how well you promote this expert to the organization.  Your main job at the beginning will be to learn and facilitate good communication between the two. 

4. Sign them up for one of the  Packages.

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