Step #3

The power of an affiliate business is not only to have the best income streams from around the world under one umbrella but to also build an affiliate team that creates revenue which you can earn commissions from that production.  Many people go online with a product or service that is great but the big question will be how to they create the traffic to make sales.  Successful people follow the principles of 1% from 100 people’s efforts instead of 100% of their own (salary, hourly, commission).  We need to see how the organizations we are familiar with all utilize this concept to get more done than any one person could do by themselves.  Be patient as you grow in your skill to develop your distribution network. Many of the seeds planted will bear fruit in the future but may look like nothing is happening today.

These are the main links to get the ball rolling.

1.  Click Here for build your team overview

2.  Click Here for information on how to work with personal referrals

3.  Click Here for information on leads

4.  Click Here for information on social media

Click Here to go straight to the OurGV Scholarship page.

For step by step training from CEO Chad Schapiro, please watch this video: