Lead Call Script

Lead Script 

“Hello,my name is “your name” and I work with an internet company.  Is “their name” there?  Hi “their name” you had filled out some information about working from home.  Is this still an interest for you?

If Yes- Great, I’d love to ask you a couple quick questions about yourself to see if we have a match and then I will go into more detail about our great company.

Are you looking for something part time or full time?

Are you working right now?

Have you ever tried anything from home before?

Our company has been the right fit for many people throughout the world.  We focus on affiliate marketing, have you heard of that before?

Instead of marketing one product or service our company started over 10 years ago gathering agreements with existing amazing companies like walmart, ebay, bestbuy, getting paid on daily activities like watching videos from our cell phones and searching the internet, and some of the best health products in the world.  After 10 years we are proud of our A+ rating with the BBB and we now have over 1,000 stores from around the world.  We work with other businesses, non-profits, and people like you and I to use our websites and earn %’s for helping them.  I think you are going to love it when you sign up for our free tour.  Do you have a pen and piece of paper?  Our website is ourgvfreetour.com/yoursitename. Also read the site out to them “Our G as in Global V as in Vision” and have them read back what they wrote)

When do you think you will have a chance to see that?

I will follow up with you then and help you with your initial questions.  Some people have been so excited about this they feel they’ve been waiting their whole lives for this!  I think you will feel the same way but you will most likely have some great questions too and we will set you up with an amazing online live webinar to go over more details.

Here is my contact info if you need me.  (give them your name and phone number)

I will talk to you later!

If No-  Thank you for your time. (Hurry on to the next one!)

When asked something like “What do you do?”,  “What is it?”, or something like that- We work in the industry of affiliate marketing.  Our company has over 1,500 stores like Walmart.com, HomeDepot.com, Dell.com, Yahoo!, the best health products in the world and many more.  We get paid for driving traffic to these stores.  I don’t want to confuse you at all over the phone that is why we need to have you watch the videos on the website and then I’m excited to have you talk to one of the top people in the company.  I would hate to not answer your questions.

Free Tour Site
Hello Mary
As discussed here is the OurGV free tour link www.ourgvfreetour.com/yoursitename.
Thank you for calling or texting me after watching this quick video clip.
Have a great day!
Hello Mary
Just called and left you a message.  Thank you for watching the OurGV free tour video of our online business.  As per my message please watch the quick video on www.ourgvfreetour.com/yoursitename.and then call or text me back asap.  I will help set you up with our technology to start earning through our online program.  Thank you Mary!