One of the best things to do is get your testimonial down and as powerful as you can make it.  You will use it when sharing the websites, on 3 way calls, presentations, and on video promotions.  We encourage you to get as many short videos done about the opportunity as well as the products and services.  Most use their smart phone.  Simply email them to mentors@ourgv.com and there is a possibility they will be used.  Any videos sent in come with the permission by you to use them.  This will help you gain credibility in the mind of your potential prospects. They should be between 3o-60 seconds long and incorporate some of the information below.

1. Your background.

2. The things you didn’t like about your background.

3. How OurGV came to the rescue.

4. How you feel about your future.

Take some time to create your story and start telling it every chance you get.