We are excited to be in pre-launch of the brand new crowdfunding solution by Helpafund!  This will be the page that has relevant member training information.  To share with people around the world please use your replicated http://ourgv.org website.

The compensation information below is for OurGV Coordinators and Above.

OurGV referring members make BV’S from every dollar created!

1.25% BV’s will be paid out.  Once earnings have reached a minimum of $50, commissions will be paid out to the OurGV Member.

That means someone who is referring accounts through their deluxe suite id (80% of BV’s) will earn a penny from every dollar created for people and organizations! With bv’s still going through the compensation plan to the leaders above that organization.

Perks will be an amazing part of helping people and organizations using this platform as well as another revenue stream for OurGV Members!

Fundraising campaigns can raise more when the donors have a reward
If the campaign manager chooses to add the Entertainment card, the Affiliate
bonus is 1bv and is automatically billed to the campaign.

The campaign manager can choose their own rewards too.
It’s a great way to tie in a golf tournament, charity dinner, gala event
fundraiser to increase those events sales too.

Example: Donate $200, and get a round at the annual golf tournament…

For these rewards, if the campaign is set up and managed by the OurGV rep,
then they control the cost of such rewards.
As an example, if the Golf tournament  green fees cost is $35 the OurGV rep
can charge $50 for this reward to the beneficiary group.

This would be deducted from the $200 donation in addition to the platform


Min. of 5 bv’s must be earned each month to be credited.