Cold Market Script


Strategy: When you meet or see someone who you would like to recruit go up and start a conversation with them. During the conversation ask them if they have ever thought about having their own business before. Tell them we are looking for people that are entrepreneurial minded. Now isn’t the time or place, but you would be happy to give them a call to discuss it more in detail. Get their name and number and/or email address. HINT: Works best to give them a business card and write their info down on the back of another one. Don’t give your number out unless they give you theirs! Be sure to give them a compliment if you can, “Nice suit, great hairdo, etc.” Try to call back as soon as possible so you get a hold of them, sometimes people’s schedules change a lot & it could take a while to catch them.
Hi may I speak with (their name). Hello (their name) my name is (your name) calling from (city/state). How are you? Remember we met the other day, or (whatever is appropriate) and you mentioned you might be interested in a Home Based Business. Do you have some time right now, or is there a better time for us to chat?

Edify Expert Call

(similar to personal referral pre-screen skips a step)
KEY POINTS: The more information you have gone through, and the better job of edifying your expert you have done, the more effective they will be in helping you. You can do the simple pre-screen call that follows, and then get them on the phone with your expert, but then your expert will spend a lot of time explaining the opportunity rather than answering questions and closing them. If you have done the Pre-Screening and have someone who is genuinely interested on the phone with your Expert, they can work on answering their questions and helping them sign up right away.
(Call your friend, or family member just like you normally would)
Hey (their name) what’s up? Or How you doin? Whatever you would NORMALLY DO!!!!! Then VERY QUICKLY…
Listen (their name) I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I wanted to ask you a quick question. If the money was right, and it fit into your time schedule, would you be interested in a Business Opportunity?
Great, right now I am working with one of the top Leaders with a new company that has developed a revolutionary new business concept. The person I am working with is one of the top people in the company. He/She is currently looking for people to help expand their business both locally, and internationally. We could set up a call tonight at 7:00 or 7:15 which would be best for you? (examples of times be sure you have gotten times approved with your expert first)
KEY POINT #2: Get a definite time, and unless they have time right then, get off the phone right away. Don’t try and answer their questions. Think of it like a movie, you don’t want to ruin the movie by giving away key stuff. Let them hear and see the movie for themselves so they can decide whether or not they are interested.
Ok cool, just checking, I gotta run right now, I’ll talk to you later. Have a great night, or day! (Remember you don’t have a lot of time right now, sometimes people who say no will get curious about why you asked and will want to know what is up. Until they show positive interest, don’t get into it with them, we are not going to “Sell” them, we are sorting. Eventually you might ask for a referral at this point, but not until you feel comfortable.)

Left Message Script

I just left a message for you about our internet business. I think when you get a chance to see what we are doing, you will be amazed, and have way more questions! We are looking for partners in our exciting new marketing concept called “Affiliate Marketing”. We actually get paid for driving traffic to the major retailers from around the world like Walmart, Home Depot, Ebay, etc…A lot of our work goes to support non-profits in their fund-raising efforts.

The good news is I don’t need your money, you can start for free. I am looking for people that are serious about changing their careers and desiring a full-time income with a legitimate business.

For detailed information, check out our website

Give me a call as soon as you can at ____________ or just reply to this email! We look forward to helping you get all your questions answered as quickly as possible!

Indirect Approach “I know you’re busy and I have a million things going on too, but I’m glad I caught you. I’ve always respected you and how supportive you’ve been to me. I’ve recently started something new and I’m looking for some sharp people. It’s clearly not for you, but I wanted to ask, who do you know who is ambitious, money motivated and would be excited about the idea of adding a significant amount of cash flow to their lives?” (They say they do know some people.) “I understand that you’d want to know more about it before you recommend people. I have a video that explains exactly what I’m doing and the kind of people I’m looking for. It’s brief. “If I sent one to you, would you review it? (They say they would.) “Thanks. When do you think you could view it for sure?” (They say next Monday.) “Okay, so if I called you next Tuesday, you’ll have reviewed for sure, right?” “Okay, I’ll check back with you then. What’s the best number and time for me to call?” (They give the information.) “Okay, great. Thanks again, I appreciate it so much. Talk to you next Tuesday.”