Watch as Our CEO covers the Basic Steps to start Your OurGV business  Click Here

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1.  The first and most important step will be making a decision to do this.  The “how to’s” won’t come to us clearly until we are really excited and thankful to go forward in our new career.

2.  Pick a website package.  You are more than welcome to start for FREE, $30 a month, or one of the higher options.  Remember you can upgrade at any time or work your way up through the different options by production.  The more aggressive you are in starting the business, the more profit you can earn sooner.  To learn more about the compensation plan Click Here

3.  Shop and use the toolbar!  Write a list of things you can buy from your own mall.  Make sure to transfer all your current buying power through your own site to earn cash rebates and the possibility of qualifying for our Top Shoppers of the week list.  These winners earn a small extra cash bonus.  If you have your own affiliate toolbar with one of the paid packages, make sure to use it to qualify for free leads every week. Click here

4.  Build your contact lists.

  A.  Put together a list of potential shoppers who would want to have their own site or shop off of yours.

     B.  Write down all the organizations that you know as well as the decision makers for both businesses and non-profits of any kind.  Click either the For-Profit Click Here for details“> or Non-Profit Click here for details

     C.  Build a list of people that may be interested in the OurGV opportunity.  Click Here for details for the Build Your Team page.

5.  Learn how to make a bonus of over at least $750.00- $1000.00 in YOUR FIRST MONTH by getting on the PRODUCERS CLUB click here

6..  Keep learning and growing.  In the beginning much of the business will have a learning curve just like any new career.  As we learn it we become more productive.  As we become more productive we get paid more.  This is consistent with anything in life and the short cut in the process is to stay focused on what has been proven to work by other successful people.  Register for all the trainings you possibly can attend and pay attention to the people training.  These trainers have made thousands and thousands of dollars per week doing the same exact business you are in.  Study the site over and over again so things become more familiar.  For the Training Registration Page click here