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We are looking for Independent Members to help expand the local area in one of the fastest Premier Technology Affiliate Companies growing around the world. In fact, our company’s motto is “Making Money…Helping the World!” by taking our technology and making it your own. Our Company has over a 10 year track record also with an A+ BBB rating. We have been able to develop relationships with over 1500 of the major retailers around the world. The most exciting is our new technology, through partnerships in crowdfunding and a partner affiliation with Yahoo!, which allows us to bring residual income to Non Profits, Business Owners and Members, just by searching online.
If you are looking to:
  1. Save money shopping
  2. Increase revenues and decrease expenses as a Business Owner
  3. improve Fundraising and Efficiency for Non-Profits
  4. Start an Online Affiliate Business       Please contact _______________________Independent Member at ________________
Global marketing opportunity that includes earning residual income and helping Non-Profits raise funds!  Key leaders will be in Houston the first weekend in May and YOU can be there to learn about how you can help us to help the world.  Call me at _________________or contact me at_________________immediately to find out more.
Looking for entrepreneur-minded people to join one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world! Strong income potential for motivated individuals, talent and integrity is the #1 thing we look for. Must have a heart for helping others. Call
Looking for motivated individuals to build large teams in ______ to help non profits and businesses increase revenues and branding. Tremendous financial opportunities, for more information call _______
Again please always add “Independent Member”on all ads.