Step #1

Here are the basics to getting started that will be covered in order:

If you have not reviewed the OurGV corporate information, please Click Here.

Once you are ready to get started, here is a step by step training from CEO Chad Schapiro:

1. Pick a website package/fill out scholarship
2. Learn the business/use the products and services
3. Promote the business/Make a list
4. Get on the Producers Club
5. Help your people get on the Producers Club

This step we will focus on step #1 picking a website package and filling out the scholarship. OurGV affiliates are fortunate that there are a variety of options to get started with depending on what someone would like out of their business. Some affiliates have made more income here their first month than their previous 5 years combined in various companies!

Click Here for video on compensation plan and options

Click Here is a link to go straight to the OurGV Scholarship page.