Step #5

One of the things that changed many successful people’s lives when they were new and trying to fight through the learning curve is to keep the following in mind.  Most people over-estimate where they will be in a year, but far under-estimate where they could be in 10 years.  With the power of the internet and’s affiliate marketing system the time lines are probably much shorter than that but the same concept applies.  We want to get this moving so fast, other have done it so we should be too right?  Some have made more money here faster than they’ve ever made anywhere else.  But we don’t know how much the invested of time, effort, money, etc….Maybe they had an existing network they were able to contact?  Maybe their skill set had already been sharpened in the areas necessary for years in other things and they could get to a really fast start right away.  For most including myself that was not the case.  I had to take this industry more serious than anything I had ever done in my life.  Be patient at the beginning so we can really hit your desired end.  This leads us to the 5 the step of the Getting Started section.

But first, let’s recap:
1. Pick a website package/fill out scholarship
2. Learn the business/use the products and services
3. Promote the business/Make a list
4. Get on the Producers Club
5. Help your people get on the Producers Club

Step number 5 is where the magic happens.  In the first 4 steps we are grinding away trying to create momentum by ourselves.  This will often feel slower than a job because at a job we just show up, do the work, and get paid.  Now in we are in charge of starting something new, growing to become better at it in time, being productive, and then finally the fun part of helping others go through the steps to be productive as well.  Here’s where the time and efforts pay off compared to a linear income (just us trading hours for dollars) pays off.  We get to expand in this step and get paid for the efforts of other people.  What I wish someone would’ve told me when I was new is this.  The work we’ve done ourselves, the mistakes we’ve made, the struggle and the pain, the investments of time, money, and failures will now pay off as our teaching points to help others.  Their journey can be that much better with us by their side leading the way with full understanding of what they are going through and how to fight forward.  We get to change their lives forever and ever.  Plug each and every person into the system.  Maintain that teachable spirit with humility so you can see who is ready to really do the work.  Many will need it, some may want it, but your leaders are going to be people who actually do it.  If some don’t stick with it remember at a health club that less than 20% of all members go regularly.  Great intentions at the start but not enough perseverance to maintain it all the way through.  You don’t need everybody you just need a few to really make this take off.  To truly help them keep working on yourself harder than ever so that you can lead by example when they are ready to follow.  Some people start to shrink back and do less as time goes on but truly successful people will have a fire that burns brighter and brighter.  To finish a marathon we start off not being able to complete it but as we train and practice we invest more time, energy, sweat, etc. to help us increase each day until we can cross the finish line.  That is the same in any career, pay the price in full up front so we can have the fruit of our labor.

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