Build A Contact List:  The first step is to get your contact list developed.  We need to turn over every stone on our way to finding the right affiliates, shoppers, non-profits, website partners, and people that will help refer us to others.  Some of the people on your list will not be ready at this time, but will see the company and have a good frame of reference for your growth, as well as the companies growth in the future. Some will surprise you with their excitement ,while others will shock you with their lack of excitement. Remember that although we would love to have their support, you do not need them to succeed

A. Personal Contact List: This is a great starting point because it’s free and there is already trust built.  Keep the list gigantic and don’t worry whether they sign up or not.  They may easily refer you to someone who would be perfect for this!  Often you will want to use your main page to show them the concept and get any referrals of non-profits, businesses, and affiliate partners.  They may not be the key to your success but maybe a great connecting point.

If you try to only talk about the home business aspect, they may not understand the whole concept and may not look any further.  Many times they may be the perfect prospect, but the timing may not be right and you will need to be patient and continue to grow in your business.

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B.   OurGV Leads

Leaders Package/Package 85 ($199/month, includes the $30 hosting)

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C.  Cold Recruiting:  You come into contact with people everywhere you go that may know others that can help your business.  Simply ask them, “Are you keeping your career options open?”, or, “Do you know of any non-profits that could use some help fund-raising?”.  Gather their contact information and call or email them at a later time.

D.  Social Media:  This can be a very effective way to meet cold market and turn them into warm market.

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E.  Ads: Keep in mind you get typically what you pay for.  Many free lead type things online are only traps to gather your contact info to legally spam you.