Business Volume (BV): This is the actual dollar amount that any rebates, bonuses, or profit sharing bonuses will be paid on. Depending on the store, or product this amount will vary dramatically.
Paid on Shopping BV (Does NOT include Website Packages, Hosting, Business Tools & Services) to the person generating the BV. 10% to the OurGV Top Charities List from Free Customers and Free Affiliates, 25% to Preferred Customers, Preferred Affiliates, & Premier Websites, and 30% to Qualified Manager Status Websites and above. Additionally Coordinator Websites and above. Preferred Affiliates, Premiers, and Coordinators and above all receive 15% from Free Customer & Free Affiliate Websites.
Purchase Volume/Business Kit Volume:
Any BV’s generated from website purchases, website upgrades, trainings, personal monthly hosting, and any other OurGV products or services designated as business tools/services such as leads etc. counts as purchase volume for the person buying it, remember it is the personal volume of the person referring it. This category can qualify an affiliate for up to 3 shares in the Profit-Sharing System.

Shopping Volume:
All BV generated EXCEPT website sales/upgrades, business tools/services, & hosting.

Personal Volume (PV):
BV generated by personal shopping, the personal shopping of any personally referred free affiliates, free customers, or preferred customers, and personally signing up websites, hosting, business tools/services, personally referred website upgrades.
Direct Volume:
The total of all your personal volume, AND the personal volume of any personally referred websites.

Paid on the total BV from personal volume/Direct Volume of shopping or sales of any personally referred Paid Websites. This bonus is also paid weekly on the first Monday following a 2 week delay.

Matching Bonus for Coordinator and above:

OurGV Worldwide Profit Sharing:
The pool is based on 10% of the worldwide generated BV’s, shares are earned based on qualified status rank, personal volume, direct volume, group volume (actual), and purchase volume.