Many times our personal past failures and fears can hold us back from our future successes.  We need to be able to see the companies stability and vision so we can put our hearts into it.  The more you experience the company’s features, the more confident you’ll be. Many of the people that have been here for years have seen OurGV grow from 0 stores 8 years ago to now over 1,500 partnerships with,,, and more from around the world.  There have been thousands of checks sent around the world and hundreds of thousands paid to non-profit organizations. The most important thing is for you to know these things and to know that the heart of OurGV is to help you and others hit their goals through our great company.  Like any business, we strongly encourage people to become “a product of the product.”   Once we get this basic awareness down, we can work on the confidence it will take to share the business with other shoppers, organizations, and potential affiliate partners.

Then we get to the path of decision.  Once we make a firm commitment the rest starts to flow much easier.

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