Excitement Level:Once they are excited, set up a website for them.  Often you will go over the different options available and allow them to start where they feel comfortable. This is explained in further detail in step 4 of the previous page. they are not ready to join, provide them with further information on their areas of interest or concern.  Build the relationship so that they feel confident you are there to help them.  Promote the training tools we offer to help them become successful.  The OurGV Rewards site, OurGV site, this coaching site, and live online trainings are provided to help them grow.  Our ability to promote these tools along with their motivation will be key factors in whether they seek out this information or not.  Many times they will say they are interested but will not have the drive to take action.  Be patient with them, and understand that their lack of drive would not work well in any business. This person may not be ready to be one of your key affiliates.

If they are not interested, ask them if they know any referrals that may be excited about what we are doing. You can probably add them to a follow-up list and contact them every other week or monthly to see how they are doing and if the timing is more appropriate.  Remember that if you were marketing Kleenex, not everyone would need tissue at this point in time.  It’s possible they already have tissue or may not have a runny nose.  Most of us know that there will be a time in the future when they may need kleenex, and don’t you want to be there when that happens to your business prospects?

If they don’t want to do anything and never want to speak to you again, then it wasn’t meant to be.  Don’t beat yourself up.  There are things marketed to us each and every minute of the day that we don’t do.  We all don’t use the same brand of kleenex and never will.  How many of us have family or friends that have jobs we would not want to do?  Remember that not everyone has to work with you. As you continue to improve, you will find people who do want to work with you, instead of the ones who don’t.  That’s just the way it goes. Move on to the next incredible prospect!