Mission statement: Helping people and organizations create residual revenue through affiliate marketing agreements around the world.

Vision statement:  Our vision is to help people and organizations utilize the internet and affiliate marketing creating financial freedom to carry out their larger purposes in life.

We do this through building a distribution network of individuals, families, and organizations that use OurGV.com replicated sites. Affiliates profit for helping them. This allows the average person to follow the proven concepts of 1% from 100 people’s efforts instead of 100% of our own like a traditional salary, hourly, or commission job.

The first step of this is to create momentum in the distribution network by focusing on the Producers Club (details here).

As we help your four leaders becoming qualified premiers and that simple concept gets duplicated on down to their 16 which we help with their four there will now be 64 premiers. In total once this is attained there are over 300 sites launched. Fast start bonuses can be earned totaling $12,000 a month for the leader would be a Director. All of the sites searching, shopping, and helping organizations at this point creates long term residual income from all the products and services that OurGV has partnerships with. The numbers will create more traffic, more use of the affiliate agreements, more revenues, and most importantly at this point there will be way more non-profits than if each person focused on doing it by themselves individually.