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I am very excited to share a free revenue generating system that will help raise money from what we already do…SHOPPING AND SEARCHING!  A portion of the revenue generated will be going to support (put your cause in here).

OurGV  makes use of an internet browser tool that is powered by Yahoo! and has packaged this as a means for fundraising and generating revenue. It will generate revenue simply by clicking on sponsored “Ad” search results.  Included with this browser tool is access to  shopping with over 2,000 affiliate partner stores (Walmart, Home Depot, etc).  Each of these partner stores pay a % of the sale for each purchase made to the cause with access to over 30,000 online coupons each day offering incredible deals and savings!  

Please download this browser tool by clicking on this link (put link here).
This browser tool is sage –  there is NO spyware, adware, or pop-ups and it  is network secure. 
We have already helped organizations from all around the world earn thousands of dollars per month, and look forward to doing the same for this cause thanks to your help!
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