Letter from Mr. Grosz about our Tool Bar Result Page


We are up-grading our technology and site as you know. We are more than excited with the look-feel and most importantly the dollars that will be earned by all parties. In fact saying were excited is an under-statement.

For the near future (when checking your reports) until we can have this part changed so that there will not be this extra step; there will be a page that appears after you log in that ask you if you want to continue to the site. PLEASE KNOW THIS IS TOTALLY SAFE AND SECURE AND YES YOU CAN CONTINUE TO OUR SITE!

We greatly apologize for this extra step to see your report, please know we will have that step eliminated in the near future. The site and is completely safe and secure so clicking on the approval is the right thing to do.

We are very excited to continue to work together.



Together we will make a difference!