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Must have a minimum of 10BV’s through member tools for the month to qualify to receive those BV’s.   

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Your member site becomes eligible for the non-profit beneficiary program once your  earnings from the home page revenue streams and shopping reach (retail rebate) = $100 within a month (confirmed by the Revenue Summary report in your Website Center.  Login to website center, under the reporting tab click bonus history, then look for the report that shows the entire month.  The bonus type will show “retail rebate”.).  

Please email with the name and address of the non-profit of your choice to confirm your non-profit beneficiary for the month and the % you would like for OurGV to match from your donation (up to 25%!).  That amount will be deducted from your check with OurGV doubling it!  This is to be done on a monthly basis before OurGV has sent your shopping earnings. 

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